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Pokèmon Explorers of Wonders BeyondEdit

Pokèmon Explorers of Wonders Beyond is a role play based on the game Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.


100 years after the episodes with the Time Gears (in PMD Explorers of Darkness, Time, and Sky) had happened, a new era has appeared...the rise of Reshiram, Zekrom. However, these legendary Pokémon have been battling over something that no one is sure about. They say it is for Ideals and Truth, but no one is certain. With the two Pokémon of Yin and Yang fighting and fighting, they have caused mass destruction across the land. Many exploration teams have tried and failed to quell these two Pokémon from fighting some costing them their lives.��If these two continue fighting, what will become of this land? Let alone, the world?

Lately other Pokémon have started fighting about Ideals and Truth as well... Soon it will become an all-out war between Ideal and Truth. However, with all of this going on... there is one Pokémon they can all turn to...the Pokemon of Wuji, Kyurem. But Kyurem is nowhere to be found. Pokémon have searched far and wide for this Pokémon and have found no trace of it. Some are now thinking that Kyurem is only myth, which it never existed. But thankfully, most Pokémon still believe that Kyurem is indeed real. The search for it is still happening but more mass destruction is spreading as well... the longer it takes to find Kyurem, the closer it is going to be too late.

Latest activityEdit

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