The Explorers Guild edited-1

The Explorers' Guild exterior.

The Explorers' Guild is a location in Pokèmon Explorers of Wonders Beyond. It is where Pokèmon from all over join to become a official exploration teams. It was founded and is now currently run by Lazarus the Rampardos and Ackley the Honchkrow (his assistant).

The GuildEdit

The guild itself is almost like a tower with a Rampardos head at the top and has 2 floors and a basement. It is located on the outskirts of Aura Town.

1st FloorEdit

The first floor of the guild has the mess hall, the job bulletin boards, and the headmaster's quarters.

2nd FloorEdit

The second floor of the uild has the guild members' rooms and a lookout area toward the top of the guild.

The BasementEdit

The basement has a secret tunnel that leads all the way outside of Aura Town. The guild uses this tunnel as an emergency escape route.